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Sarova Taita Hills Salt Lick Lodge - Taita Hills Game Sanctuary

Sarova Salt Lick - Location 

Sarova Salt Lick Game Lodge is located in the heart of the private Taita Hills Sanctuary bordering Tsavo West National Park in South Eastern Kenya, 400 kms from Nairobi and 200 kms from Mombasa. The sanctuary where the Salt Lick Lodge is located was once a sisal plantation. it is now a successful animal sanctuary with abundant game. 

Sarova Saltlick Lodge : Description

The Salt Lick Lodge is a unique lodge built atop stilts overlooking a waterhole. It is linked by suspended walkways under which elephants potter. Its name is taken from its setting - a natural salt lick which was a congregating place for the neighborhood's salt-hungry residents. 

Sarova Salt Lick - Wildlife and Game Viewing

At night, the waterholes are floodlit ensuring that you enjoy an uninterrupted view of the numerous animals arriving to quench their thirst. The beautiful landscape sets the backdrop for a bush dinner at Kudu Point, the highest location in the Sanctuary. Spectacular sunsets and magnificent views of Mount Kilimanjaro – weather permitting – compliment a truly unique experience as you sip sundowners and experience a barbeque in the wild.

A specially constructed secure ground-level bunker with steel bars is designed to assist in photographing the animals.

Sarova Salt Lick Lodge Accommodation

Salt Lick Lodge has 96 guest rooms, and has recently expanded its bar, restaurant and public areas. Guest rooms have views of the waterholes and game sanctuary, and are equipped with modern


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