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Tsavo East National Park, Mombasa, Nairobi, Safaris

Tsavo East National Park - Description

Tsavo East National Park is located about 200km south east of Nairobi, the park is dominated by 300km of the long Yatta plateau, Yatta plateau is known to be the largest Lava flow in the world. The first gate to the park from Nairobi is along Nairobi Mombasa road past just before getting to Mtito-Adei, and the first gate from Mombasa is the Bachuma Gate. 

Tsavo East is part of Greater Tsavo National park, which constitutes of Tsavo East and Tsavo West National parks. Whilst Tsavo is huge and approximately over 4500sq miles, most of the park along Galana river is closed to public and only visited by few private safari, however this should not deter one to visit the park as the public part of the park is still massive and has lots to explore.  The park has good signposted roads important in navigating the park.

Tsavo East National Park : attractions

The main attraction of the Tsavo East National park are, Yatta plateau, the Lugard's falls and Galana River, Mudanda Rock, Aruba dam, and lastly the big five.

Tsavo East National Park - Wildlife and Game Viewing

The Tsavo is distinguished mostly because of its ‘red’ elephants, black rhinos, buffaloes and lions. 

Tsavo East - History

Tsavo is particularly popular because of the Man eating lions of Tsavo, the park tones of history behind especially one that touch on building the linking railway line from Mombasa to Nairobi. Some safari excursions you may indulge in while on safari is camel ridings and safari, river fishing. 

Bird Watching - birding Safari in Tsavo East National Park

Tsavo East National Park's bird life is as varied as the landscape, from the conspicuous flocks of Golden-breasted Starlings around most of the park to the dull, skulking Evergreen Forest Warbler in the Chyulu hills. Tsavo is home to both species of Kenyan Ostrich with the Common Ostrich present in Tsavo West and the Somali Ostrich in Tsavo East. Hartlaub's Bustard is found in both parts of the National Park. 

Our Selected Safari Accommodation (camps and lodges) in Tsavo East National Park

Ashnil Aruba Lodge - Tsavo East National Park

Voi Safari Lodge - Tsavo East National Park

Ngutuni Lodge - Ngutuni Game Sanctuary

Sample Tsavo East and West Safaris

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3 Days Tsavo East and West Safari

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